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Investment Advisory Services

We construct portfolios to meet your long-term growth goals or current income needs. Many of our clients have contributed to savings or IRAs for years without considering the ultimate goals: distributions to provide a lifetime of income or ensuring a legacy to your heirs or charity. For years, our staff has worked with clients through many changes in their personal lives, financial markets and geopolitical events to make sure the portfolios adapt accordingly.

Retirement Planning

Developing a plan does more than create goals in a changing environment. The data gathering and discussions with our clients helps us achieve a clear and focused list of priorities for their overall lifestyle needs. Often, the planning process makes choices much clearer in many other areas of a client's life - not just which mix of stocks and bonds are appropriate!

Contact CFS Wealth Managment:

Macon:  (478) 471-1875

Marietta:  (404) 538-7768

Thomasville:  (229) 236-0322


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